Virtual Summer School on Teacher Education

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Virtual Summer School on Teacher Education (ViSSTE) aims to empower elementary education through research sharing and collaboration. It creates scholar community of undergraduate program students for sharing research experiences and initiating future research collaboration. It will be hosted by Elementary Education Study Program of Cibiru Campus, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. It will be conducted during two months from October to December 2023. Students from different region will get knowledge from senior professors about their work and experiences in applied science, social studies, and education, especially in the scope of elementary education. They will form some groups of discussion that supported by a scholar. At the end of the program, there will be dissemination and cultural performances from participants.


Global Collaboration Research for the Education Improvement through Applied Science, Social Studies, and Education


  1. Building a research culture for students in the context of education.
  2. Improving research skills through collaborative works in the scope of applied science, social studies, and education.
  3. Improving and updating knowledge in the field of education through cross-cultural discussions.
  4. Introducing Indonesian national wisdom in the context of education pedagogy.
  5. Building partnerships with educational institutions both domestically and abroad.
  6. Producing manuscripts resulting from collaborative research that are suitable for publication in reputable national or international journals.


Scientific article – the Journals will be discussed later.

Project Criteria

  1. Relevance to the ViSSTE 2023 Theme: The project should conform to the theme “ Global Collaboration Research for the Education Improvement through Applied Science, Social Studies, and Education ” and specifically in the context of elementary education.
  2. Involving Collaboration between participants through descriptive research.
  3. Positive Impact: Projects should have clear goals to have a positive impact, such as giving insight of education improvement through applied science, social science, and education.
  4. Innovative: The project must contain innovative elements in its approach and serve as an educative learning resource for all participants involved.


The activities are general lecture, group discussion and research collaboration initiation. Each group discusses the research draft and implements the descriptive research on the scope of education through applied science, social studies, and education.


Lecturers and students from all of South East Asia Region, where the elementary education study program is preferred. Each region can delegate 1-2 lecturers and 3-5 students.


Lecturers and undergraduate students have to submit some documents before ViSSTE starts. The documents are:

  1. Personal information form (template are provided)
  2. Photo (soft file)
  3. Letter of Delegation from Each Institution
  4. Passport / ID Number (for students)

Schedule of ViSSTE

  • Virtual Opening Ceremony and General Lectures: October 16th – 20th, 2023
  • FGD and Research Collaboration: October 23rd – December 13th, 2023
  • Virtual Closing Ceremony: December 14th, 2023


This is a very important event that is beneficial for all the delegations at all times, for the present and the future. For further information, please contact the questions via or contact the person to :

  1. Hj. Setyaningsih Rachmania +6281121111549
  2. Rendi Restiana Sukardi 081 +6282319790760

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